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October 19, 2015

Province Releases Clean Environment Commission Report on Lake Winnipeg Regulation

The Clean Environment Commission (CEC) report on the Lake Winnipeg Regulation was released today by Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Tom Nevakshonoff. 

“The report presents a substantial and thoughtful approach to the regulation of one of our most important water bodies, Lake Winnipeg,” Minister Nevakshonoff said.  “Thank you to members of the commission and all those who took part in the public hearings.  I commend your commitment to ensuring Manitoba is a sustainable province today and for future generations.”

The report was completed as part of a request for a final license for Lake Winnipeg Regulation and includes the CEC’s review and findings from public hearings that included input from a range of public and important stakeholders.  This report is the culmination of in-depth public hearings involving 300 people and 20 Manitoba communities that took place between January and May 2015.

The minister emphasized the report’s recommendations along with a report on the Crown’s consultations with Indigenous communities will inform the licensing conditions for the project.  The minister noted the province will be reviewing these recommendations and proceeding with appropriate implementation, to be determined as part of the licensing process.

Minister Nevakshonoff also noted that all new Manitoba Hydro projects involve extensive environmental assessment through the CEC and other bodies, along with engagement with stakeholders and Indigenous communities. Today, Manitoba Hydro projects are built under high standards for environmental licensing and consultation with Indigenous people, the minister said, adding engaging communities in the early planning stages protects the environment and traditional Indigenous practices. 

The report concludes that Lake Winnipeg Regulation has reduced the extent of flooding that would have been experienced on Lake Winnipeg during the heavy precipitation years of the last two decades.  It also discusses a range of watershed management issues affecting Lake Winnipeg and the Nelson River.

The full report can viewed at

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