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November 5, 2015


Passage of Progressive Budget Among Highlights of Legislative Session: Chomiak

The passage of Budget 2015 and important legislation that aligns with the progressive values of Manitoba families, including protecting children‘s health, cracking down on dangerous driving and increased protections for consumers, were among the highlights of the fall legislative session, government house leader Dave Chomiak announced today.

“We are proud of what our government has accomplished this session,” said Chomiak.  “The passage of Budget 2015 means we will continue to work together for a better Manitoba and help families get ahead by building stronger health-care services and creating 900 more affordable
child-care spaces.  We will continue to fight against calls to make deep cuts and privatize services, as Manitobans know that such decisions have hurt families in the past.”

The house leader added that Budget 2015 is a plan to deliver on the needs of Manitoba families, more jobs, better roads and stronger front-line services, by:
• investing more than $1 billion in building and repairing roads, bridges and flood protection throughout the province;
• creating the Youth Jobs Strategy to support more paid work and on-the-job training, and more opportunities for young Manitobans to get good jobs here at home;
• investing in new health-care facilities including three new QuickCare clinics in Winnipeg, a new community clinic in Swan River, a new emergency department in Dauphin and a new, 10-bed health centre in Notre Dame de Lourdes;
• improving health-care facilities in Brandon, The Pas, Thompson and Steinbach; and
• continuing to fulfil the government’s commitment to cap class sizes at 20 students from kindergarten to Grade 3.

Chomiak added that a key focus of government during this session was to pass progressive legislation to better protect consumers and vulnerable Manitobans, and create jobs including:
• changes to the Veterinary Medical Act to help Manitobans get a better deal on veterinary bills;
• the modernization of the Real Estate Services Act that will ensure Manitobans get a fair deal when they buy or sell a home;
• the Intimate Image Protection Act to protect young Manitobans from cyberbullying and online exploitation;
• changes to the Safer Roads Act to bring in greater penalties for dangerous drivers;
• the Certified Occupations Act to provide more opportunities for good jobs and training; and
• the Non-Smokers Health Protection Act ‎(e-cigarettes) to protect children against the potential risks of e-cigarettes in places like daycares and schools.

Chomiak noted that in addition to this legislation, significant progress was made on key bills that would ensure child-care spaces in schools, ensure smaller class sizes for children in school and would see the most extensive modernization of family law in the country to meet the needs of today’s Manitoba families.

“We’re taking a balanced approach that invests in growing the economy and protecting the front-line services that Manitobans rely on,” said Chomiak.  “Instead of making reckless cuts that would hurt families and threaten jobs, we are continuing to do what families tell us they need, like more affordable child-care spaces, improving health-care facilities, and building better roads and bridges.”

The house leader stated the legislative assembly would resume on Nov. 16, when the speech from the throne is delivered to provide a vision for Manitoba in the year ahead.

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