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News Release - Manitoba

September 22, 2016

Premier's Statement Regarding Fixing Finances, Repairing Services, Rebuilding the Economy

Premier Brian Pallister today commented on Manitoba’s new government’s commitment to engaging Manitobans in fixing the finances, repairing the services and rebuilding the economy of the province.

“This week, Manitobans learned about the costs of decisions by the previous government.

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries’ unnecessary purchase of, and plans to renovate, an office tower, the auditor general’s condemnation of the lack of oversight and mentorship associated with the community benefits that were to have been created by the East Side Road Authority project, and the aggressive and imprudent pursuit of capital projects by Manitoba Hydro that have burdened the corporation with unprecedented debt and which threaten the financial health of our province.

Our government was elected to listen to Manitobans and to fight for changes that will result in a stronger, safer and more economically optimistic province for our children and for our children’s children.

The challenge is large but together, we are up to the task.

In the coming weeks our government will be seeking the input of all Manitobans in an ambitious, innovative and all-party pre-budget listening exercise.

Our pre-budget consultations will welcome the input of all Manitobans and our government has extended invitations to members of all parties in the Manitoba legislature to be involved.

To get results, we must work together.  We are listening to Manitobans.  Together we will fix our province’s finances, repair the services that Manitoba families rely upon and rebuild our economy.

There is nothing wrong with Manitoba that cannot be fixed by what is right with Manitobans.”

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