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News Release - Manitoba

September 29, 2016


Finance Minister Cameron Friesen released the public accounts for the 2015-16 fiscal year, citing significant fiscal challenges inherited from the previous administration.

The 2015-16 results show a summary deficit of $846 million, $424 million higher than the 2015 budgeted deficit of $422 million.  The minister noted this is more than double the deficit projected in the 2015 budget presented by the previous administration.

“It cannot be overstated that our government has inherited significant fiscal challenges that threaten the province’s bottom line and ability to deliver services Manitoba families depend upon,” said Friesen.  “Under the previous administration, Manitobans saw the province’s debt double.  We pay higher taxes than residents of nearly any other jurisdiction in Canada, yet our province has ranked near the bottom of various provincial rankings of health care and education outcomes.”

Recently returned from meetings in New York with a number of the province’s investors, the minister noted that Manitoba’s debt servicing costs continue to be a concern, citing an increase in debt servicing costs to $855 million, $13 million more than included in the 2015 summary budget.

“Expenditures in one area of government impact our ability to invest in other areas that are priorities for Manitobans,” said Friesen.  “While our government has begun the hard work of fixing our province’s finances, money spent on debt servicing is taken directly from the programs and services that Manitobans rely upon.  Our government has committed to moving our province back toward balance in a sustainable way so that our children and our children’s children inherit a province that they will want to remain in.”

The public accounts can be viewed online at:

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