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November 21, 2016


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Throne Speech Sets New Course for Manitoba, Focused on Long-Term, Sustainable Measures Leading to a Stronger, Safer and More Optimistic Future for Province: Pallister

The Manitoba government remains committed to making Manitoba the most improved province in all of Canada, focusing on policies and programs that will deliver transparent and responsible fiscal management, improvements to and sustainability of the services Manitobans rely upon, and opportunities for long-term economic development in the province’s northern and rural regions, Premier Brian Pallister said today.

“Today’s speech from the throne outlines our government’s ambitious vision for Manitoba including our commitment to build relationships based on respect and trust while we govern with the Manitoba values of integrity and inclusion in mind, making changes that will result in a stronger, safer and more prosperous province,” said the premier.  “Manitoba is once again open for business, offering a diverse economic base with areas of undiscovered potential ready for the expansion of existing businesses, development of our entrepreneurial talent and attraction of new investment and the opportunities it will bring.”

The government continues to pursue an ambitious but realistic agenda, committed to repairing services with a focus on improving the circumstances of Manitoba’s most vulnerable citizens, while ensuring that all Manitobans experience better results from the programs and services they rely upon, Pallister said.

“Economic inclusion and opportunities for growth go hand in hand,” said the premier.  “When combined with investments in education, training, infrastructure and research, these efforts will create the kind of sustained growth and opportunity that will make our province a richer place, not only through the impact on our economy but also on the future we are creating for generations to come.”

The speech from the throne highlights priorities within three thematic areas – Fixing Our Finances, Repairing Our Services and Rebuilding Our Economy.  

  • Fixing Our Finances:
    • complete extensive provincewide pre-budget consultations with Manitobans and work on the Fiscal Performance Review to ensure investments are made in the areas that matter most to Manitobans;
    • reform the governance of major Crown corporations, abolishing the Crown Corporations Council and redeploying its resources to increase efficiency;
    • establish a Red Tape Reduction Task Force and create regulatory accountability through legislation; and
    • introduce a stand-alone referendum law to restore Manitobans’ right to vote on increases to major taxes.
  • Repairing Our Services:
    • address the needs of Manitoba’s most vulnerable children by developing a plan that will act upon the many outstanding reports and recommendations that have followed tragedies within the child welfare system;
    • improve access to justice and to reducing unreasonable court delays with a system-wide review focused on the efficiency of the justice system;
    • reform Manitoba’s Employment and Income Assistance program and release a new provincial housing strategy to address homelessness, affordability and repairs to existing housing stock;
    • complete a comprehensive assessment of the health system via the Health Sustainability and Innovation Review;
    • focus on public education measures and other steps to counteract the opioid crisis facing Manitoba and warn Manitobans about the dangers of fentanyl-laced drugs;
    • form a provincial agency for doctor recruitment aligned with provincewide priorities of doctor recruitment and retention; and
    • create pooled retirement pension plans to provide a new option of saving for retirement for those Manitobans who do not have access to a workplace pension.
  • Rebuilding Our Economy:
    • continue work on Manitoba’s Look North initiative, a northern economic development strategy to create jobs, increase investment and ensure long-term stability for the region;
    • introduce Manitoba’s new Premier’s Enterprise Team members who will offer their entrepreneurial expertise to the development of a provincial strategy for growth and diversification;
    • celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation at special events and activities throughout the province during 2017 via a hosting partnership with the Government of Canada and the City of Winnipeg that will see the Canada Summer Games take place in the province’s vibrant capital;
    • develop a long-term literacy and numeracy strategy with a focus on education through the early years and invest in professional development for educators and supports for school divisions;
    • eliminate the backlog of Provincial Nominee Program applications and partner with the federal government to improve the processing speed of visa applications;
    • implement a return-on-investment test to prioritize government investments in infrastructure including roads and bridges, water-management projects and social and cultural capital;
    • introduce a made-in-Manitoba carbon pricing and climate change plan that both addresses the unique environmental circumstances and meets the province’s unique economic realities.

“Our love for this province unites us and our collective will to create a better tomorrow is strong,” said Pallister.  “Ours is a government that is listening to Manitobans and engaging citizens in focused discussions about the future of our province.  We will continue to welcome the input and advice of all Manitobans and to govern in a manner deserving of their enduring trust.”

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