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December 6, 2016

Manitoba Government Announces Co-chairs to Lead Red Tape Reduction Task Force

Task Force will Consult with Stakeholders, Identify Barriers, Develop Strategic Action Plan: Friesen

The Manitoba government is launching a Red Tape Reduction Task Force as part of its commitment to rebuild to the economy, Finance Minister Cameron Friesen announced today.

“Excess regulation and unnecessary red tape create a drag on economic growth, costing Manitoba businesses hundreds of millions of dollars per year,” said Friesen.  “Eliminating barriers that stifle growth will create jobs as we work toward rebuilding the Manitoba economy.”

The 14-member task force made up of government MLAs and external stakeholders will be co-chaired by Carmele Peter, president of Winnipeg-based Exchange Income Corporation and Shannon Martin, MLA for Morris.

Reporting to the minister of finance, the task force will identify regulatory requirements that are identified as having a detrimental impact on the competitiveness of business or that degrade the quality and availability of public services, Friesen said.  Impacted stakeholders will be engaged to identify solutions that will remove these barriers and eliminate unnecessary red tape, he added.

Manitoba currently is ranked last in the country in measurements of regulatory accountability according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.  Manitoba currently has no regulatory measurement system, no constraints placed on the expansion of regulatory requirements and no legislation to ensure accountability for provincial decisions, the minister said.

“For years Manitoba’s employers have advocated for a more transparent, effective and efficient regulatory environment,” said Bill Gardner, chairperson, Manitoba Employer’s Council.  “This task force will provide an accountable and transparent process to bring forward red-tape removal recommendations that will make our province more prosperous while also reducing government expenses.”

The task force will initially focus its efforts on four specific industries through several sub-committees including government MLAs and external stakeholders with expertise in those areas, the minister said.  The sub-committees are as follows:

  • agriculture and food processing:  Blair Yakimoski, MLA for Transcona, Marilyn Braun-Pollon and Dan Sierens;
  • transportation:  Greg Nesbitt, MLA for Riding Mountain, Wade Linden and Don Streuber;
  • non-profits:  Janice Morley-Lecomte, MLA for Seine River, Vera Goussaert and Alan Goodz; and
  • land development:  Jeff Wharton, MLA for Gimli, Henry Borger and Martin Harder.

Consultations will begin in January 2017 and recommendations and an action plan will be developed in the spring of 2017, the minister said, adding full implementation is anticipated by May 2018.

“Reducing red tape is part of our government’s plan to strengthen and rebuild the economy,” Friesen said.  “We are committed to making Manitoba the most improved province for regulatory accountability by 2020.”

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