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News Release - Manitoba

February 24, 2017


The Manitoba government is partnering with the Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC) to prepare newcomers in the Winkler/Morden region for jobs in the wood manufacturing industry, Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart announced today.  

“Wood manufacturers in the Winkler/Morden region have told us they need help recruiting skilled workers to fill vacant positions,” said Wishart.  “We are investing in this training initiative to help connect workers with in-demand jobs in a growing industry.” 

The province is providing more than $90,000 for the Wood Employee Readiness Curriculum Project, which targets newcomers with an English proficiency of between four and six on the Canadian Language Benchmark.  Participants receive:

  • three weeks of English as an additional language (EAL) instruction;
  • four weeks of essential skills training including applying for jobs, communication and working with others;
  • eight weeks of hands on training, including two weeks on the job, and mentorship and EAL assistance will continue to be provided during this phase; and 
  • four weeks of post-hire retention support for individuals who obtain employment and assisted job search for individuals not directly hired through the program. 

“Wood manufacturing is an important part of this region’s economy and Manitoba’s economy as a whole,” said Finance Minister Cameron Friesen.  “Winkler and Morden are destinations of choice for newcomers, and we are pleased to work with the wood manufacturing industry to help newcomers find meaningful employment here in Manitoba.” 

Training started Nov. 21, 2016, and will run to March 3, Friesen said, noting that to date, six of the 12 participants are newcomers or refugees. 

“I’ve learned a lot about machines and machine vocabulary, and have new skills and techniques in using machines and doing wood work,” said participant Almas Sarsenov.  “I really appreciate this opportunity to improve my skills through the Wood Manufacturing Council’s training program.” 

“We’re pleased to once again partner with the Manitoba government on this important pre-employment training initiative in the Morden/Winkler area,” said Richard Lipman, chair, WMC.  “There are many vibrant and successful wood manufacturing firms in the area, and we’re honoured to work with them and on their behalf to help train the workers they need.”  

The WMC is a national organization that collaborates with employers, workers, educators, professional associations and governments to help implement human resources solutions that will ensure the success of the advanced wood-manufacturing sector. 

Other partners include Workplace Education Manitoba, which provides essential skills training, and Regional Connections, which provides students with EAL instruction specific to the wood manufacturing industry.  

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