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News Release - Manitoba

March 29, 2017


Work is underway to finalize a request for proposals to replace Manitoba’s existing, obsolete public safety emergency communications system, Finance Minister Cameron Friesen said today.

“Our government is taking the necessary steps to address the significant risk to the safety and security of Manitobans that has been documented for years and never acted on,” said Friesen.  “We are committed to a fair and open procurement process, while recognizing the urgency of replacing the obsolete FleetNet emergency communications system.” 

The government signalled its intent to move forward as quickly as possible, by outsourcing the process to acquire a replacement service through a qualified, independent third party.  Friesen made the announcement following a meeting with stakeholders.  He noted that FleetNet, the province’s public safety mobile system, is 26 years old and has reached the end of its service life. 

Replacement parts for the system have not been manufactured since 2003 and warnings were issued to the former government as early as 2008 that equipment would no longer be built or supported as of the end of 2014, the minister noted.

The proposal will include requirements for:

  • a modern digital encrypted communications system that meets current technical standards,
  • deployment on a radio frequency reserved for public safety and public service use, and
  • additional towers to expand coverage in currently underserviced areas.

The minister added there is a sustainability plan in place to ensure coverage during the time it takes to replace the system.

“We know these systems are critical for emergency providers and the issue must be addressed,” said Friesen.  “That’s why our government is acting on the significant risk by looking at innovative ways to address the aging equipment in the FleetNet system.”

The request for proposals is expected to be issued within 60 days.

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