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News Release - Manitoba

June 29, 2017


Manitoba Seeks Legal Opinion on Right to Develop `Made-in-Manitoba' Plan: Pallister

The Manitoba government has submitted its response to the federal government on its proposed backstop and benchmarks for carbon pricing, Premier Brian Pallister announced today.  The response highlights the significant investments Manitobans have made in renewable energy and also notifies of the province’s decision to seek a legal opinion on its right to develop its own ‘made-in-Manitoba’ plan.

“Our province is a leader in clean energy and the federal government should credit the significant investments Manitobans have made over the last few decades,” said Pallister.  “The federal government can provide flexibility and recognition for ongoing efforts in each province and territory rather than impose its carbon pricing policy.  For this reason, we are seeking a legal opinion on whether the provincial government has the jurisdiction to implement a made-in-Manitoba plan without interference from the federal government.”

The federal government released a technical paper on the federal carbon pricing backstop on June 9 and requested comprehensive feedback from each province and territory by June 30.

“The federal backstop plan fails to accommodate provincial plans, such as Manitoba’s own, which would actually further the national objectives for greenhouse-gas reductions,” said Pallister.  “Manitobans have invested billions of dollars in clean energy for decades and deserve credit for that early action to reduce emissions.”

Manitoba sources 98 per cent of its power from clean, renewable hydroelectricity.  The province also accounts for less than three per cent of Canada’s total carbon emissions, the premier added.

Manitoba's Response to the Proposed Federal Backstop

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