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News Release - Manitoba

September 19, 2017

Province Releases Baseline Count of Regulatory Requirements Across Government

Over 900,000 Regulatory Requirements Identified: Friesen

The baseline count of regulatory requirements across government has now been completed, Finance Minister Cameron Friesen announced this morning during his keynote address at the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce ‘MBIZ Breakfast Series’ event. 

“When we formed government, the simple question of ‘how many regulatory requirements exist’ could not be answered,” said Friesen.  “This is why we introduced legislation that requires government to maintain a comprehensive inventory of the number of regulatory requirements that exist and to publicly release those numbers on an annual basis.” 

Regulatory requirements are actions or steps a government requires of non-profits, businesses, municipalities and private citizens in order to access government programs or services, participate in regulated activities, or conduct business in the province.   This new legislation, The Regulatory Accountability Act, requires that a comprehensive baseline count be completed and maintained across government including departments, Crown corporations, the Workers Compensation Board, and most agencies and boards.  

The first step to managing regulatory requirements is to determine exactly how many exist and where they are.  The minister announced today that after the completion of a government-wide count, a total of 906,824 regulatory requirements have been identified in 12,393 documents across government.

“Under the previous administration, Manitoba was the provincial laggard on regulatory accountability,” said Friesen.  “Our government is committed to improving the quality of public services by creating an effective, efficient and transparent regulatory system.  Our goal is to be Canada’s most improved province for regulatory accountability by 2020.” 

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