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News Release - Manitoba

November 10, 2017


The second session of the 41st legislature concluded earlier today, having passed numerous government bills focused on fixing the finances, repairing the services and rebuilding the economy, Premier Brian Pallister said.

“From being a Canadian leader in safety-focused cannabis legislation, to the North American leader in comprehensive red tape reduction, our government achieved a lot in this session,” said Pallister.  “These measures are designed to make Manitoba Canada’s most improved province.”

Government house leader Cliff Cullen said significant results were achieved during this session for Manitobans.

“We were elected last year with an ambitious agenda and have accomplished a great deal in a relative short period of time,” said Cullen.  “There remains a lot to be done, but I am proud of my government colleagues as we moved ahead with meaningful legislation aimed at improving life for Manitoba families.”

Since the beginning of October, legislation was passed that secured legal protection for health professionals and others who, on the grounds of conscience, refuse to participate in medical assistance in dying.  Other legislation passed this fall includes:

  • marketing freedom for freshwater fishers;
  • a modernized approach to elections laws, including a more accurate voters’ list, to provide better service to voters;
  • reducing red tape for Manitobans,
  • raising of the minimum wage and indexing it to the rate of inflation,
  • allowing municipalities to decide how best to enable a responsible, reliable and economical taxicab industry, including provisions for ride-sharing; and
  • steps to keep Manitoba tuition the lowest in Western Canada while also providing additional support directly to post-secondary students.

In total, 38 pieces of legislation were passed in the session, including 28 bills passed prior to the June adjournment. Those bills include:

  • repealing the East Side Road Authority,
  • ratifying Manitoba’s membership in the New West Partnership,
  • protecting taxpayers and maintaining fiscal discipline, and
  • harm prevention measures related to legalized cannabis.

“We remain focused on achieving results for Manitobans,” said Cullen.  “Any measures not completed in this session will be brought back in the new session.”

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