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News Release - Manitoba

March 14, 2018

Manitoba Government Introduces New Measures that would Eliminate Red Tape and Duplication

The government of Manitoba is introducing the red tape reduction and government efficiency act 2018, which is the next step in efforts to reduce red tape and streamline government services, Crown Services Minister Cliff Cullen announced today.

“From day one, our government has focused on removing red tape headaches for Manitobans.  We are removing regulatory requirements that cost non-profits, civil servants, local governments and businesses significant time and money without adding value for Manitobans,” Cullen said.  “These simple issues were ignored by the previous administration.”

The proposed legislation would remove unnecessary regulatory requirements on local governments, non-profits, educational institutions, Crown corporations, provincial public servants, citizens and businesses.  In total, 399 existing regulatory requirements and 475 pending regulatory requirements would be eliminated, the minister noted.

Major changes would include:

  • providing Manitoba Public Insurance and Manitoba Infrastructure the ability to provide notices to drivers via email rather than only via registered mail;
  • harmonizing governance procedures for the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba with those of other regulated health professions as requested by the college;
  • eliminating pending requirements for snowmobiles to have licensing decals in addition to their licence plates;
  • setting public hearing thresholds for municipal capital borrowing request to ensure only loans with a material impact on a local government’s financial health need Manitoba Municipal Board hearings;
  • repealing legislation not yet proclaimed which relates to school sites in new developments; and
  • transferring authority to appoint auditors to several provincial agencies and boards from the Manitoba executive council to the minister of finance.

In total 44 statutes would be amended by the bill.  Initial estimates indicate these streamlining efforts would save the provincial government nearly $1 million annually with millions more in reduced administrative burden for impacted citizens and individuals, Cullen said.

“Earlier this year Manitoba was recognized as the most improved province for reducing red tape and creating North America’s best regulatory accountability system,” Cullen said.  “This legislation builds on that record of success and continues on our mission to repair the services Manitobans rely on.”

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