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April 9, 2018


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Federal Framework will Help Support New Provincial Housing Strategy: Fielding

TORONTO—The Manitoba government has endorsed a multilateral Housing Partnership Framework at a meeting of Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial ministers in Toronto, Families Minister Scott Fielding announced here today.

“By signing onto this framework, it will guide the way Manitoba works with the federal government to support improved housing outcomes for Manitobans in need and represents the longest term commitment we have seen from the federal government in a generation,” said Fielding.  “By working together with federal, provincial and territorial partners on this framework, we are collaboratively moving forward on shared priorities for housing in Canada.”

Beginning in 2019, the Housing Partnership Framework will be supported by a significant federal-provincial investment in Manitoba’s social and affordable housing sector.  Provincial and territorial governments will soon enter into bilateral negotiations with the federal government that will take into account each province and territory’s unique and local housing needs.  The bilateral agreement will determine how Manitoba and Canada will collaborate in areas of shared priority to ensure portable shelter benefits and investments in social housing improve the lives of Manitobans who have housing needs.

“Manitoba is committed to working with the federal government to establish the right bilateral partnership agreement for Manitoba communities, housing providers and clients,” said Fielding.  “Many of the key elements important to the Manitoba government are included in this framework, such as a strong focus on those with housing needs, the preservation and repair of social housing, recognition of the importance of community based non-profit housing providers, and the need to operate a modern, economically viable social and affordable housing sector.”

The minister noted that work continues on a new ‘made-in-Manitoba’ provincial housing strategy.  The strategy will incorporate input provided by more than 1,500 Manitobans through a housing consultation, which was summarized in a What We Heard report released earlier this year at

Manitoba Housing provides housing assistance to a total of approximately 35,100 households in the province.  Assistance programs are delivered directly or in partnership with a variety of non-profit and community-based organizations.

In addition to social and affordable rental housing programs, Manitoba Housing delivers renovation and repair programs, home ownership programs, and programs to support emergency shelters and address homelessness.  It is also responsible for managing and developing provincially owned land, with profits reinvested in the community through a housing development rehabilitation fund.

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