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News Release - Manitoba

October 1, 2018

Province Reduces Red Tape Surrounding Fuel Storage Rules

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Changes Help Support Scheduling Needs of Manitoba Farmers and Municipalities: Squires

The Manitoba government is making changes to a regulation governing the storage of fuel to support   the unique scheduling needs of Manitoba farmers and municipalities, while modernizing rules for fuel distributors, Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires announced today.

“We have been looking closely at all our legislation, and have committed to reducing red tape, eliminating outdated legislation and allowing municipalities and the agri-food sector industry to operate more efficiently,” said Squires.  “The rules around fuel storage were out of date.  This change will help fuel distributors, retailers and agricultural producers by removing unnecessary redundant requirements.”

Fuel distributors will now be able to have seasonal fuel supplies ready for distribution to farm fuel customers in time for the spring planting season.  The old regulation restricted the times of the year that consumers could use seasonal blended fuel.

“Manitoba’s producers help feed the world, and our government believes that red tape and unnecessary burdens on our producers need to be removed,” said Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler said.  “As a result, our producers will be better prepared for the spring planting season.”

“We welcome this and other efforts that have been made to reduce red tape in the agricultural sector and we look forward to continued progress in regulatory flexibility,” said Bill Campbell, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers.

Canadian fuel standards have changed over the years, making the enforcement of fuel quality standards by the province redundant.  The province’s red tape review has determined this is an area that needs to be modernized in order to ensure that regulations do not unnecessarily inhibit private-sector activity, Squires said.

“Not only will this benefit Co-op’s agriculture customers, but it will reduce the risk for fuel outages and road damage prior to spring road bans across the province,” said Cal Fichter, vice-president of energy, Federated Co-operatives Limited.  “We thank the Manitoba government for making this change to help Co-ops better serve our local communities.”

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