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April 14, 2019

Province Advises Red River Floodway Activated

The Hydrologic Forecasting and Water Management Branch of Manitoba Infrastructure reports that the Red River Floodway has been initially activated as of noon today.  This measure is not expected to raise upstream water levels as it is an initial gate operation.  A further gate operation scheduled for 7 p.m. today will raise the upstream water levels south of the floodway closer to the natural level, in accordance with the operating guidelines.

River water is already spilling naturally into the floodway channel.  The forecast peak flow at the Red River Floodway is estimated to be between 19,000 and 24,300 cubic feet per second.

The province has analyzed the impacts of recent snow and rain in the North Dakota area of the Red River Valley.  Based on current weather forecasts, a flood of less than the 2011 magnitude is expected for the Red River in Manitoba.  The forecast peak flows and water levels on the Red River in Manitoba are less than the peak flows and levels observed at the peak of 2011 flood.

The peak date at Emerson is now between April 20 and 22.

Provincial crews are deployed in a number of communities in the Red River valley preparing for potential ring dike closures.  Partial ring dike closures are currently underway at Emerson and St. Jean Baptiste, and the communities will remain accessible by road.  Partial ring dike closures are expected at Morris, Letellier, Ste. Agathe and St. Adolphe.  Based on the most recent forecast, there is a possibility the closure of PTH 75 north at Morris may not be necessary.  Provincial staff are watching water levels and forecasts, and will work toward keeping the highway open as long as it remains safe.

For current highway conditions and road closures, call 511 or visit

A flood warning continues for the Red River from Emerson to the Red River Floodway channel inlet.

A flood warning is now in place for the Red River in the Netley Creek area and for the lower Netley Creek.

A flood watch continues for the Roseau River.

A high water advisory is now in place for the Saskatchewan and Carrot rivers in the vicinity of The Pas due to potential ice jamming.

A flood warning is issued when river or lake levels are exceeding or are expected to exceed flood stage within the next 24 hours, while a flood watch is issued when river or lake levels are approaching flood stage, but likely not within the next 24 hours.

A high water advisory is issued when a heavy storm or high flows are expected and may cause water levels to rise, but not necessarily reach flood stage.  A high water advisory can be an early indicator for conditions that may develop into a flood watch or flood warning.

Water levels along the Assiniboine, Souris and Pembina rivers are relatively low and there are no significant flooding issues.  The Portage Diversion continues to be operated to reduce downstream ice jam impacts.  Small ice jams are occurring in Winnipeg at some of the Assiniboine River bridges.

Major lakes are within normal or desirable operating ranges.

Property owners are reminded to protect wells as high water rolls through the Manitoba portion of the Red River Valley.  More information is available at and

Updated forecast information is available at

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