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News Release - Manitoba

May 1, 2019


The Manitoba government today released a report that sets out recommendations for ensuring the public receives the information it needs during pre-election publication bans and that government advertising is non-partisan, Justice Minister Cliff Cullen announced today.

“The provincial government is committed to ensuring Manitobans have access to information they need, when they need it, especially as it pertains to matters of public health and safety,” said Cullen.  “This report provides a framework that will enable us to move forward with a plan that ensures effective and fair communication to Manitobans, whether that be through amendments to existing legislation or the introduction of new government policies around advertising.”

The Report on Proposed Legislation Concerning Government Advertising was prepared by Michael Green, a former commissioner of elections for Elections Manitoba, and examined existing and proposed legislation, as well as information about the issue from key stakeholders.

The minister noted current legislation is unclear and leaves room for uncertainty around what advertising or publishing is permitted during an election period.

The report also recommends developing policy and guidelines around all paid government advertising, with a system in place for frequent review and updating.

The province has reviewed the report and is in the process of developing options based on its findings and recommendations.  The process will include further consultations with stakeholders including the chief electoral officer of Manitoba and the Commissioner of Elections of Manitoba.

The report can be viewed at:

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