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News Release - Manitoba

November 20, 2019


The Manitoba government will be introducing a new income support program for people with disabilities and has launched an online consultation to gather important feedback that will help guide program design and eligibility criteria, Families Minister Heather Stefanson announced today. 

“Our government committed to begin consultations within the first 100 days of our renewed mandate to support the development of a new income support program for Manitobans with disabilities,” said Stefanson.  “This first consultation phase is an opportunity for Manitobans to share how they feel the new program should operate and what types of assistance should be provided.”

The minister noted the province is also conducting four focus group consultations this month and future opportunities will be available for Manitobans to provide feedback as the new program is being developed and implemented.  Both the online consultation and focus group sessions will focus on fundamental questions that will help inform the parameters of the new program.

Currently in Manitoba individuals with disabilities are eligible for Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) if they have a mental or physical illness or disability that prevents them from supporting themselves, whereas other provinces offer separate programs tailored to the needs of that same population.

“Through the Disability Matters Vote campaign, Manitobans have called for the type of alternative income programs available to people living with disabilities elsewhere in Canada,” Stefanson said.  “We’re moving in that direction and now want help from the community to design a made-in-Manitoba program that can improve the quality of life for people with severe and prolonged disabilities.”

The consultation document is available in alternate formats upon request and online at  The deadline for submissions is Jan. 31, 2020.

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