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News Release - Manitoba

November 28, 2019


The Manitoba government has introduced legislation that would help make collective bargaining more flexible and responsive to public-sector priorities, Central Services Minister Reg Helwer announced today.

“The Public Services Sustainability Amendment Act (Bill 9) maintains our government’s commitment to fixing the finances and protecting public services,” said Helwer.  “It would provide even more flexibility and opportunities for public-sector employers and unions to bargain and work together
co-operatively to find innovative solutions that respect the needs of both taxpayers and employees.”

The proposed amendments would:
•    broaden how sustainability savings can be used under the Public Services Sustainability Act;
•    provide additional flexibility around the timing and duration of the sustainability period; and
•    allow greater discretion around compensation.

Helwer noted the government listened to feedback from public-sector employers and employees on how to improve The Public Services Sustainability Act, and ensure flexibility and fairness.

“These amendments would increase options for employers and unions to reach renewed collective agreements through collective bargaining,” said Helwer.  “The Manitoba government continues to encourage the employers and unions to reach renewed agreements through the collective bargaining process.”

The minister thanked the employees and employers for doing their part to restore fiscal balance in Manitoba.  He noted the government is on track to balancing its budget two years earlier than promised, which will free up additional dollars to reinvest in Manitobans’ priorities, such as health care, education, infrastructure and lower taxes.

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