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News Release - Manitoba

November 28, 2019


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Greater Competition, Value-For-Money Goals of Act: Schuler

The Manitoba government has introduced legislation that would give all companies equal opportunity to bid or work on provincially tendered infrastructure projects, Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler announced today.

“The Public Sector Construction Projects (Tendering) Act will level the playing field for all bidders and give all companies the same opportunities, regardless of union affiliation,” said Schuler.  “We’re committed to ending the practice that workers need to become union members to work on public infrastructure projects, as we believe it infringes on their rights to determine whether or not they want to be represented by a union.”

Manitoba project labour agreements (PLAs) have required employees of non-union contractors to join a union to be eligible to work for their employers on public infrastructure projects.  The minister noted such agreements have restricted competition for public infrastructure contracts and hindered government’s ability to get the best value for money possible.  

“By opening up contracts to greater competition, we expect more competitive pricing and savings for taxpayers,” said Schuler.  “Competitive markets allow public-sector entities to obtain the best value for money on their projects, with a larger pool of bidders saving up to 10 per cent of project costs.”

The public-sector entities covered by the proposed bill would include provincial government departments, Crown corporations, regional health authorities, universities and school divisions.  When such entities tender for construction work, they would have to do so in accordance with the bill’s provisions.

The Public Sector Construction Projects (Tendering) Act is part of the government’s 100-Day Action Plan.

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