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News Release - Manitoba

November 28, 2019


The Manitoba government is moving ahead with a new framework for the appointment of conciliators and grievance mediators from the private sector, Finance Minister Scott Fielding announced today.

“Under the new model, these services will be delivered by individuals selected from a list of skilled conciliators and grievance mediators prepared by the Manitoba Labour Board,” said Fielding.  “The board will be required to consult with representatives of employers and employees before finalizing the list, which helps to ensure both parties will be confident in their expertise and neutrality.”

In keeping with the government’s efforts to reduce red tape, the bill would eliminate the need for collective agreement settlements reached through arbitration to be subject to a mandated review at least once every 24 months.  The mandatory reviews have not led to any changes since 2004, suggesting that biennial reviews are no longer necessary.

Fielding noted the changes would ensure valuable services are still available to those who need them, under a model that aligns with government’s ongoing consideration of fiscal sustainability.

“This change will save government approximately up to $800,000 annually,” said Fielding.  “While conciliation and grievance mediation play a valuable role in the labour relations community, we believe that these services can be provided effectively by the private sector.  The costs of the services should be paid by the parties using and benefiting from them.”

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