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News Release - Manitoba

April 27, 2020

Province Introduces Changes to Manitoba Birth Certificates

The Manitoba government has introduced policy changes to create more inclusive birth certificates, Finance Minister Scott Fielding announced today.

“In response to a ruling from the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, the Vital Statistics Agency is implementing policy changes to be more inclusive to Manitobans,” Fielding said.

The changes will allow individuals to select a non-binary option, in addition to male or female, when applying for a change of sex designation under The Vital Statistics Act.

The Vital Statistics Agency has updated its policy and forms to comply with this change.  

In a November 2019 decision, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission (MHRC) required the province to recognize and implement policies to allow for non-binary sex designations by May 2, 2020. The policy change ensures Manitoba complies with the MHRC ruling.

The Manitoba government has taken the additional step of introducing a legislative change that would remove the requirement to display sex designation on birth and death certificates. The minister noted this legislation has not yet passed, as the opposition has refused to let the bill proceed to second reading.

Updated information for Manitobans is available at

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