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News Release - Manitoba

June 23, 2020


The Manitoba government has appointed Judge Malcolm McDonald as an associate chief judge of the provincial court of Manitoba, Justice Minister Cliff Cullen announced today.
“Judge McDonald brings a wealth of experience to the bench, and his commitment is evident in the roles he has chosen to take outside of the court including as an educator, facilitator and mentor,” said Cullen. “I’m confident he will serve Manitobans well in this new role.”
McDonald was appointed to the provincial court of Manitoba in 2010 and currently sits in The Pas. Since his appointment, McDonald has presided at the swearing-in ceremonies of town councillors and local school trustees, and has appeared before local student groups to explain the functioning of the provincial court and duties and responsibilities of provincial court judges. 
He has presented at education sessions of the provincial court on procedure and rules in provincial family court proceedings. He served as a facilitator at a joint Manitoba/Saskatchewan Bench conference, and as a mentor for a recent judicial appointment.
McDonald is the chairperson of the Facilities Committee of the provincial court and is currently a member of the Family Rules Committee, the Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges and the Committee on Access to Justice. 
He graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1982 with a bachelor of law and was a partner at Law North, formerly McDonald Huberdeau, prior to his judicial appointment. 
Associate chief judges are appointed for a non-renewable term of seven years. The appointment will take effect Aug. 1, upon the term expiry of associate chief judge Shauna Hewitt-Michta. Chief judge Margaret Wiebe requested expressions of interest from the court regarding this appointment. McDonald was recommended by the minister of justice in consultation with the chief judge.  
The Manitoba government would also like to take this opportunity to thank Hewitt-Michta for her commitment and continued support in enhancing access to justice in regional and northern court centres and communities.  
An official swearing-in ceremony will be scheduled in the near future.
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