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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

July 4, 2020


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High Water Advisory Issued for Red River Between Emerson and Winnipeg

Manitoba Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre is issuing an update on the flood warning and high water advisory situation in southwest, western and southern Manitoba.
Over the past week areas of southwest and western Manitoba have received record-high precipitation of more than 200 millimetres during this period. Southern Manitoba, including the United States portion of the Red River basin, has also received significant precipitation during this time. The precipitation has caused water levels to rise in rivers and creeks in these areas.
Water levels at the provincial dam at Rivers on the Little Saskatchewan River remain at historic high, even though levels have been declining on average one to 1.5 feet per day from the peak level recorded on July 1. The latest flow rate from the dam is approximately 6,000 cubic feet per second (cfs), receding from the 12,000 cfs peak flow observed on July 1. The dam continues to be monitored around the clock.
At present, 82 individuals have been evacuated from the RM of Riverdale, four from the RM of Cornwallis, 16 from the RM of Whitehead and three from the town of Neepawa. In addition, livestock has also been moved from the RMs of Riverdale and Whitehead.  
A moderate amount of rain, near 30 mm, was recorded in the past 24 hours in southwest portion of the province, with about 15 to 30 mm rain recorded in the Little Saskatchewan River basin. The rain will slow down the recession or increase the levels slightly as the river flows past Minnedosa, Rapid City and Rivers onto the Assiniboine River.
People are advised to stay away from areas experiencing flooding and do not attempt to enter flooded water bodies. Unless travel is necessary, the province requests that individuals stay away from affected areas.
Manitoba Infrastructure crews are working in the flood-affected areas. Staff are monitoring water level conditions and inspecting infrastructure on an ongoing basis, and 11 standard emergency response trailers have been deployed to the Westman area. These trailers contain pumps, water tubes and other essential flood equipment.
Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization staff are working with municipalities to support local emergency management efforts. If required, evacuee reception centres will have physical distancing measures in place.
A high water advisory is issued for the Red River between Emerson and Winnipeg.
Water levels are rising on the Red and tributaries due to the recent rain events. Levels will continue to rise along the Red River as moderate precipitation is forecast at most locations in southern Manitoba including the Red River basin in the next four to six days. Levels are expected to remain within banks.
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