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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

September 1, 2020


Manitoba Infrastructure is advising the water level at the dam at Rivers on the Little Saskatchewan River is at the crest of the spillway and the spillway has essentially stopped flowing water. Water is flowing through the conduit at approximately 175 cubic feet per second.
A thick film of algae is currently preventing a detailed inspection of the spillway including the concrete walls, slabs and joints. Manitoba Infrastructure anticipates being able to complete a full inspection of the dam in approximately two weeks once the spillway can be cleaned thoroughly.
Manitoba’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre advises that there is moderate precipitation in the forecast over the next week in the Rivers area, but it is not expected to have a significant effect on the water levels of Lake Wahtopanah. 
Manitoba Infrastructure will reach out to local governments in the area to advise of any projected changes to water levels on Lake Wahtopanah and the downstream portions of the Little Saskatchewan and Assiniboine rivers.
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