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October 14, 2020

Province Moving Ahead with Ambitious Legislative Agenda

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Legislation will Advance Government's Historic Mandate: Goertzen

The Manitoba government is introducing a number of bills as part of its ambitious legislative agenda, government house leader Kelvin Goertzen announced today.  
“Our government was entrusted by Manitobans with the largest back-to-back majorities in over 100 years and our legislative agenda supports our mandate to protect Manitobans,” said Goertzen. “By introducing these bills early, well in advance of the applicable deadlines, we are ensuring ample time for them to be before the house and available for public scrutiny.”
A number of bills from the previous session of the legislature will be reintroduced including the opioid damages and health care costs recovery act, the conflict of interest (members and ministers) and related amendments act, and the reducing red tape and improving services act, 2020. The government is also introducing a new bill, the labour relations amendment act.
The following is a full list of the legislation being introduced for first reading today:
Bill 5:  the liquor, gaming and cannabis control amendment act (cannabis social responsibility fee);
Bill 6:  the liquor, gaming and cannabis control amendment act; 
Bill 7:  the planning amendment act; 
Bill 8:  the pension benefits amendment act; 
Bill 9:  the opioid damages and health care costs recovery act; 
Bill 10:  the regional health authorities amendment act (health system governance and accountability);
Bill 11:  the workplace safety and health amendment act; 
Bill 12:  the crown land dispositions act (various acts amended);
Bill 13:  the public sector construction projects (tendering) act;
Bill 14:  the minor amendments and corrections act, 2020; 
Bill 15:  the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation amendment act (claim dispute tribunal); 
Bill 16:  the labour relations amendment act;
Bill 17:  the drivers and vehicles amendment act; 
Bill 18:  the workers compensation amendment act;
Bill 19:  the minor amendments and corrections act, 2020 (2); 
Bill 20:  the vehicle technology testing act (various acts amended); 
Bill 21:  the conflict of interest (members and ministers) and related amendments act; 
Bill 22:  the credit unions and caisses populaires amendment act; 
Bill 23:  the highway traffic amendment act; 
Bill 24:  the legal profession amendment act; 
Bill 25:  the municipal statutes amendment act; 
Bill 26:  the human rights code amendment act; 
Bill 27:  the administrative tribunal jurisdiction act; 
Bill 28:  the water resources administration amendment act;
Bill 29:  the reducing red tape and improving services act, 2020;
Bill 30:  the consumer protection amendment act; 
Bill 31:  the horse racing regulatory modernization act (liquor, gaming and cannabis control act and pari-mutuel levy act amended);
Bill 32:  the election financing amendment and elections amendment act (government advertising); 
Bill 33:  the advanced education administration amendment act; 
Bill 34:  the University College of the North amendment act;
Bill 35:  the public utilities ratepayer protection and regulatory reform act (various acts amended); 
Bill 36:  the public health amendment act (food safety and other amendments); and 
Bill 38:  the building and electrical permitting improvement act (various acts amended and permit dispute resolution act enacted).
“Our government is committed to protecting Manitobans, their personal and financial health, and to ensure a more secure and more prosperous Manitoba,” said Goertzen. “We look forward to debating and passing these bills for the benefit of all Manitobans.”
Manitobans can stay up to date on this proposed legislation by visiting:
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