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February 2, 2021

Province Partnering with Physician, Pharmacist Organizations to Prepare for COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

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Registration Process to Ensure Province Ready to Expand Vaccine Delivery to Doctors, Pharmacists as New Vaccines Approved: Stefanson

The Manitoba government is partnering with organizations representing Manitoba physicians and pharmacists and their members to prepare for the province’s vaccine rollout of new vaccines once they are approved for use in Canada, Health and Seniors Care Minister Heather Stefanson announced today.
“We are confident in the work of our supersites and focused immunization teams with the current approved vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. But we now anticipate that new vaccines that do not need to be frozen could become available in Manitoba in the days and weeks ahead, once they are approved by Health Canada and distribution begins,” said Stefanson. “To prepare, we are asking physicians and pharmacists who are interested in providing this kind of care for their patients to take part in the registration process so we can identify and create a list of front-line providers who are able and willing to provide COVID-19 vaccines once they are available.”
At this time, approval dates and supply volumes for such vaccines are speculative. However, the province has been working with its existing network of physician and pharmacist flu vaccination partners to prepare for the eventual delivery of vaccines that do not require special handling and transport. This includes the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba, the Manitoba College of Family Physicians, the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, Doctors Manitoba and Pharmacists Manitoba.
“Doctors are ready to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to Manitobans, building on their extensive expertise administering all other types of vaccines,” said Dr. Cory Baillie, president, Doctors Manitoba. “Manitobans have been calling their doctors about the new COVID-19 vaccines and seeking advice from the trusted health-care provider who knows their personal medical situation, and now they’ll be able to get the vaccine from them too.”
The minister noted the Manitoba government and these organizations have developed new workflows, systems and remuneration, allowing these organizations to be compensated for the work needed to distribute COVID-19 vaccines when they are available.
“Pharmacies are one of the easiest ways for Manitobans to get their COVID-19 vaccination safely and close to where they live or work,” said Wendy Clark, president, College of Pharmacists of Manitoba. “Pharmacists are an important part of every Manitobans’ health-care team.”

Starting soon, the Vaccine Implementation Task Force will be seeking registrations from pharmacies and medical clinics that are willing and able to provide COVID-19 vaccines. This builds on their expertise in delivering other publicly funded vaccines including the annual flu vaccine.
“Pharmacists Manitoba welcomes the opportunity to partner in providing Manitobans with increased access to COVID-19 vaccinations,” said Pawandeep Sidhu, president, Pharmacists Manitoba. “Pharmacists are ready and willing to help vaccinate Manitobans and we know that pharmacies are a well-known location to get a vaccine.”
Once the application is received, qualifying medical clinics and pharmacies will be contacted with a package of information including training materials as needed.
“The Manitoba College of Family Physicians (MCFP) recognizes the important role that family physicians will play in this vital process of the COVID-19 public immunization campaign,” said Dr. Ian Alexander, president, MCFP. “We know family physicians are well positioned through the relationships they have with their patients to help in the delivery of this important service to our patients across the province”.
It is anticipated the initial demand for vaccines may exceed the available supply, the minister noted. As such, a framework has been developed to guide how much vaccine is shipped to providers and when those shipments will take place. This includes, but is not limited to:
• COVID-19 case numbers and epidemiology in a community;
• the proportion of eligible Manitobans served by the medical clinic or pharmacy;
• the provider’s capacity to administer the vaccine; and
• if people have access to the vaccine at other locations, such as super sites and focused immunization teams.

Registration forms will be posted in the coming days, and registration will be open for the next several weeks. For more information, visit

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