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News Release - Manitoba

February 16, 2021


Today, Manitoba Hydro announced a reorganization of its subsidiary, Manitoba Hydro International (MHI), which will benefit Manitobans and strengthen Manitoba Hydro as a publicly owned asset. This reorganization follows an extensive, strategic and long-overdue review of Manitoba Hydro International’s operations.

Prior to this review, our government was unaware of the risks taken with the operation of Manitoba Hydro International. As a major public asset, we want to ensure the activities undertaken by Manitoba Hydro are in the best interest of its owners – Manitobans.

With this reorganization, Manitoba Hydro continues to strengthen its focus on their core business: to provide clean, affordable and reliable energy to Manitobans.

Our government recently introduced Bill 35, the public utilities ratepayer protection and regulatory reform act, which would ensure that all current and future operations of this publicly owned asset are transparent and fully accountable to Manitobans.

The requirement for Public Utilities Board (PUB) review is critically important for all operations of Manitoba Hydro. This is reinforced by the former government’s mismanagement and interference in the Bipole III project, which was not subject to PUB scrutiny and unnecessarily cost Manitobans billions of dollars.

We are also pleased that all permanent employees of Manitoba Hydro International will be offered positions with Manitoba Hydro. This will provide employment security for MHI staff and ensure that their extensive technical expertise will be added to Manitoba Hydro for the benefit of all Manitobans.

Our government thanks the leadership team at Manitoba Hydro and the Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board for conducting this important review. The decisions they have made will protect and benefit all Manitobans by focusing on Hydro’s core business to provide clean, affordable and reliable energy to our province.

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