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April 12, 2021

Province Releases Early Learning and Child-Care Transformation Review

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Report Prepared by KPMG Finds Ample Room to Improve System, Better Protect Manitoba Families: Squires

A report prepared for the province by KPMG has identified several opportunities to improve Manitoba’s early learning and child-care (ELCC) system to ensure it better protects families by providing more child-care options and remaining sustainable into the future, Families Minister Rochelle Squires announced today.
“Our government is committed to modernizing and improving the early learning and child-care system so it protects Manitoba families by going further to meet their diverse needs and offering more choices and flexibility for parents,” said Squires. “While we are in the early stages of this process, this review has provided valuable insights from an external viewpoint.”

The review was commissioned by the province last year to assess Manitoba’s existing ELCC funding model and to support its modernization, in part by making it equitable across the system.

The minister noted the Early Learning and Child Care Transformation report from KPMG is only one piece of information that will be used to develop a better system for Manitoba. Bill 47, the newly proposed ELCC legislation, would lay the foundation for a broader transformation, she added.

Bill 47, tabled last month, would build on progress made through recent amendments to child-care regulation and enable more flexibility and creativity in delivering a variety of responsive child-care options. This includes modernizing child-care funding as well as supporting new models and approaches for licensed and home-based care.

The minister said the province will move forward with a balanced approach that addresses the post-pandemic needs of families and the sector. Squires noted that parent fees will be maintained at their current levels for three years to support Manitoba’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

“As a province, we have had to pivot to address the larger implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ways it has affected the employment, education and child-care needs of families,” said Squires. “During this transition, our focus is on keeping parent fees and operating grant funding stable while providing additional targeted supports to the sector. This will help sustain the regulated sector and enable early learning and child-care providers to continue delivering responsive, high-quality services for Manitoba families.”

In December 2020, the Manitoba government announced the establishment of the Parent Advisory Committee on Child Care Transformation to guide public engagement and to advise the province on ensuring that ELCC services meet the diverse needs of parents and families. The committee sought the perspectives of other Manitoba parents and guardians.

The minister recognized the work of the committee and said the province will continue to engage stakeholders to help guide the modernization of early learning and child care in Manitoba including on new legislation.

“We recognize the range of key stakeholders, including parents, child-care providers, communities and employers, who have important feedback to provide on their first-hand experiences,” said Squires. “Whether it is through our recent online survey, the Parent Advisory Committee or the Minister’s Consultation Table, we are listening to parents and child-care providers while stabilizing services and providing targeted funding supports.”

The Early Learning and Child Care Transformation report is available online at:

As well, a report titled What We Heard on Early Learning and Child Care Modernization is available at

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