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News Release - Manitoba

May 26, 2021


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New Initiative Protects Environment, Supports Producers: Ministers

Manitoba will become the second Canadian jurisdiction with a provincially regulated agricultural plastics stewardship program and the first to include multiple designated materials, Conservation and Climate Minister Sarah Guillemard and Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen announced today.

“We are pleased to announce that Cleanfarms Inc. has established another important stewardship program to take responsibility for recycling products and materials produced by its industry members,” said Guillemard. “This program will contribute to the recycling of plastic waste, which is a priority for all Canadian jurisdictions.”

Cleanfarms Inc. will operate the stewardship program on behalf of the agricultural industry and manage the collection and recycling of agricultural plastics. Manitoba producers will be able to drop off used grain bags and plastic baler twine at designated collection sites throughout the province without paying user fees at the points of collection. Cleanfarms will arrange for pickup, transportation and recycling of these materials from the collection sites.

“The agricultural sector understands the importance of respecting the environment as well as any industry and we expect this program will make a significant difference,” said Pedersen. “Reducing the amount of plastic destined for our landfills is critical and we are confident that producers will support this effort.”

Cleanfarms aims to capitalize on industry enthusiasm to launch the program that, like other stewardship programs, will be industry funded at no cost to the province, the ministers said. Like many other stewardship programs in Manitoba, this initiative will be supported through environmental handling fees included in the sale prices of program materials.

Earlier this year, the Manitoba Sharps Collection Program was launched by the Health Products Stewardship Association. It allows Manitobans to dispose safely of items such as lancets used to prick skin for diabetes testing, needles and auto-injection devices such as EpiPens through the free distribution of specially designed sharps containers at pharmacies. These new programs build on the strong foundation of Manitoba’s commitment to recycling and Extended Producer Responsibility program, Guillemard noted, adding that Manitoba remains one of the leading Canadian jurisdictions with 12 producer responsibility programs covering items such as household hazardous waste, electronics, pharmaceuticals and tires.

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