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News Release - Manitoba

May 30, 2021


As Manitoba’s minister responsible for accessibility, I am pleased to announce the proclamation of Manitoba Access Awareness Week from May 30 to June 5. This year’s theme is ‘Creating a Culture of Accessibility in the Workplace.’

Everyone benefits when people with disabilities can fully participate in all aspects of our society, so promoting accessibility in the workplace remains a priority for our Manitoba government. We are committed to ensuring inclusivity and accessibility throughout the province.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught Manitobans the importance of being willing and able to adapt to change for the greater good. In the workplace, this means ensuring that operations and procedures accommodate everyone, and provide supports for employees and customers who might need them on the job.

I am pleased that our government is supporting greater accessibility for individuals with disabilities through a $20-million endowment fund announced in April. The fund will provide grants to organizations, non-profit groups, businesses and municipalities to help them make changes to reduce or eliminate barriers to their services and supports.

I encourage all Manitobans to join the conversation on social media about workplace accessibility during Manitoba Access Awareness Week by using #MAAW2021 and #AccessibleMB. We all have a role to play in addressing and eliminating barriers facing people with disabilities.

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