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July 30, 2021


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No Increase to Price of Services Will Help Clients and Families Continue to Access Care They Need: Stefanson

The current rates for personal care services will remain unchanged for the upcoming 2021-22 year, Health and Seniors Care Minister Heather Stefanson announced today.

“It is essential to make sure that those who need personal care services may continue to access them as soon as they need them,” said Stefanson. “By making this decision to keep rates the same, we hope to ease some of the financial issues families and clients may face due to the pandemic.”

Personal care services assist Manitobans who can no longer remain safely at home because of a disability or their health-care needs. Personal care services are offered throughout Manitoba and include:
• meals (including meals for special diets);
• assistance with daily living activities like bathing, getting dressed and using the bathroom;
• necessary nursing care;
• routine medical and surgical supplies;
• prescription drugs eligible under Manitoba’s Personal Care Home Program;
• physiotherapy and occupational therapy, if the facility is approved to provide these services; and
• routine laundry and linen services.

The provincial government and the client share the cost of these services through the Residential Charges Program. Manitoba Health and Seniors Care pays the majority of the cost through the regional health authorities. The personal care service client pays the other portion of the cost, which is a daily charge based on income.

It is important to note the Residential Charges Program is an income-based program. The 2020-21 residential rate is based on a resident’s 2020 net income. Although the rate structure remains unchanged this year, the 2021-22 residential rate will still increase if a resident's net income increased from 2019 to 2020.

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