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March 3, 2022

Manitoba Government Introduces Legislation to Give Greater Growing and Marketing Freedom to Producers, Support Peak of the Market

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Changes Would Support Producers, Expand Industry, Give Vegetable Marketing Agency Greater Autonomy in Business Development: Johnson

The Manitoba government is introducing legislation that would help expand the provincial table potato and root crop industry in response to concerns among producers and marketing agency Peak of the Market that red tape has prevented growth of the sector, Agriculture Minister Derek Johnson announced today.

“Our province’s farmers provide nutritious, local food to Manitobans, though for years they have not had the freedom to grow and sell their table potatoes and root crops in the province,” said Johnson. “At the same time, regulations have prevented Peak of the Market from modernizing its business model to promote, sell and distribute Manitoba’s table potatoes and root crops to the world. This legislation would allow producers to grow as many table potatoes and root crops as they wish and to sell to any buyer, while paving the way for a modernized business model for Peak of the Market and strengthening our provincial economy.”

Provincial regulations and production quotas have been aimed at maintaining stable pricing in the domestic market, though the minister noted many producers have found the quotas too restrictive, preventing them from growing and selling their table potatoes and root crops to Manitoba consumers who want to purchase them.

In its first 100 days in office, the Manitoba government committed to reducing provincial regulatory barriers that unnecessarily restrict the ability of Manitoba farmers to produce food for local markets and limit the ability of consumers to connect directly with local producers. The minister said Bill 12, the Peak of the Market reorganization act, would remove red tape for table potato and root crop producers across Manitoba and allow Peak of the Market to make a transition from a regulated agency to an independent operation under the Corporations Act, with opportunities to expand by acquiring assets or other entities.

The minister noted through this legislation, producers and Peak of the Market would be better able to grow their businesses, expand local sales and exports, and provide opportunities for new growers in Manitoba.

“This is an important development for Manitoba’s vegetable growers by contributing to the modernization of the industry. It will provide significant economic benefit to our community,” said Peter Loewen, chair, Peak of the Market. “Growers are hard-working Manitobans who look forward to continuing to cultivate the best produce, in the most sustainable ways, to create jobs and economic growth for our province.”

Peak of the Market in its current form was established in the early 1970s by the Manitoba Vegetable Producers Marketing Plan regulation.

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