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April 25, 2022

Province Introduces New Funding Model for Family Violence Shelters

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New Model Will Better Support Shelters Serving Survivors of Family Violence: Squires

The Manitoba government will introduce a new funding model for shelters funded by the Family Violence Prevention Program (FVPP) to improve operations of the family violence sector and better protect vulnerable Manitobans, Families Minister Rochelle Squires, minister responsible for status of women, announced today. 

“Ensuring adequate supports for survivors of family violence is a key priority and engagement with the sector has helped us identify areas where improvements are needed and where steps are already underway,” said Squires. “Over the last several years, it has become increasingly apparent the current funding model for shelter agencies has become inadequate and inequitable. This new model will help align funding equity, ensure accountability and better protect vulnerable Manitobans.” 

The new model will be implemented in a phased approach with a $3.2 million investment in the first year to support additional staff and salary increases at all shelters. The current funding model for shelters, first established in 1987, is based on the number of overnight stays in the shelter. The new funding model specifically focuses on supporting staffing capacity to ensure quality services for those staying in a shelter and following the shelter stay in transitional housing options. Changes to the model include:

  • incorporation of gender and diversity analysis;
  • easy modification and future application in bringing on new agencies;
  • enhanced funding for crisis line operation; and
  • increased funding for salaries to support staff recruitment and retention.

The minister noted the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic combined with an increase in demand for services, a decreased ability to retain professionally trained staff and an influx of individuals presenting with complex needs has resulted in significant concerns for both staff and the individuals at shelters. 

“The Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters would like to thank the government of Manitoba for their support of provincial family violence (FV) shelters,” said Amrita Chavan, communications specialist, Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters. “The pandemic has not only increased the risks and severity of gender-based violence (GBV), but it has also affected the ability of FV shelters to continue their life-saving work on the frontlines. The new funding model will allow shelters to develop tangible solutions to historic operational challenges, including access to training, retention of qualified and consistent staffing, adequate resources for clients with complex needs, and safe staffing levels. This investment is a much-needed first step towards equitable funding that will help each Manitoba shelter and its front-line staff better support those affected by GBV.” 

The FVPP provides funding to 30 agencies that support Manitobans experiencing family violence. Through service purchase agreements with shelters, the program provides funding for programming including services for residential and non-residential participants, follow-up services and children’s counselling. 

“With the support of many stakeholders in the family violence (FV) field, I believe that FV shelters will emerge stronger and more resilient that ever,” said Tracy Whitby, executive director, Agape House-Eastman Crisis Centre, Inc.. “Communities, families and individuals all benefit when we work together to address gender-based violence. Our goal is to ensure individuals receive the resources and supports they need and that families are equipped to make healthier choices. We now have opportunity to expand our expertise and skills to continue to provide trauma-informed care and implement best practices that our survivors deserve. I look forward to the opportunities this new funding model will bring and how it will positively impact the individuals and families in Manitoba.” 

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