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May 2, 2022


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Regulation Supports Government's Commitment to Significantly Increasing Accessibility by 2023: Squires

The Manitoba government has enacted the Accessible Information and Communication Standard Regulation under the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, Families Minister Rochelle Squires, minister responsible for accessibility, announced today.

“The ability to receive information and communicate effectively are fundamental aspects of our society, and it is imperative that all Manitobans are able to receive information and communicate in accessible ways,” said Squires. “This regulation supports our government’s commitment to making significant progress towards addressing accessibility by 2023.”

The Accessible Information and Communication Standard Regulation is the third standard under the Accessibility for Manitobans Act. It reduces barriers related to accessing information provided in print, in-person, on websites or in other formats. Standards have been put in place previously for accessible customer services and employment.

The standard applies to public and private organizations with one or more employees including:

  • the Manitoba government;
  • Crown corporations, governmental agencies and regional health authorities;
  • cities and municipalities;
  • educational institutions such as schools, universities, colleges and learning centres;
  • libraries;
  • businesses; and
  • non-profit organizations.

The standard covers a broad range of information and communications, and allows individuals to request information from Manitoba organizations in an accessible format or through a communication support. Under the standard, organizations must develop policies and practices to enhance accessibility in their organizations, and provide training to relevant staff.

Organizations are required to enhance accessibility to websites and web applications by adhering to globally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) Level AA. The standard also includes specific requirements that support the procurement of accessible library resources within public libraries and that support accessible material for students at educational institutions.

The greatest requirements will be placed on the Manitoba government and large public-sector organizations, the minister noted. Private organizations and smaller municipalities are subject to fewer requirements and have more time to comply.

The standard will apply to government departments one year after it comes into force, to public-sector organizations two years after it comes into force and to all employers with one or more employees three years after it comes into force.

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