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News Release - Manitoba

May 9, 2022


The Manitoba government is launching a substantive, system-wide consultation process on the new Post-Secondary Accountability Framework (PSAF), Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration Minister Jon Reyes announced today.

“In response to the recommendations in the 2020 report from the Office of the Auditor General on Oversight of Post-Secondary Institutions, our government is working toward developing a clear, well-managed accountability framework for the oversight of post-secondary institutions that receive direct government funding,” said Reyes. “We are committed to consulting with university and college leadership, boards and faculty of post-secondary institutions, along with students and student organizations, Indigenous communities and other stakeholder groups before finalizing the new framework.”

The new PSAF is one initiative being undertaken to strengthen the government’s overall accountability efforts, noted Reyes, and it will update elements of the current funding and accountability structures to improve the oversight of the eight publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Manitoba.

The minister noted the Manitoba government is committed to obtaining feedback on the new framework and working directly with stakeholders to ensure their ideas and concerns are understood and considered.

The consultations will inform decisions about various aspects of the framework including:

  • performance benchmark selection and definitions;
  • the relationship between funding and performance;
  • implementation support and timelines;
  • monitoring and reporting procedures; and
  • PSAF review processes and timing.

“The framework is a significant step in the government’s implementation of Manitoba’s Skills, Talent and Knowledge Strategy,” said Reyes. “It will ensure Manitoba’s education and skills training systems are building the solid foundation on which to form our future workforce.”

Consultations will continue into the summer. Responses will then be analyzed and summarized to inform recommendations on the framework with implementation expected to begin in the 2023-24 academic year, noted the minister.

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