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October 19, 2022

Manitoba Government Investing $400,000 to Support Revitalization of Downtown Brandon

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Funding Will Help Rejuvenate Post-Pandemic Downtown Brandon, Stimulate Economic Development, Create Jobs: Cullen

BRANDON—The Manitoba government is providing $400,000 to support the Brandon Downtown Revitalization Incentive Program, an initiative aimed at supporting the post-pandemic rejuvenation of the city’s downtown business community, Economic Development, Investment and Trade Minister Cliff Cullen announced here today.

“Economies around the world continue to feel the detrimental effects of the global pandemic, so we are proud to support the Brandon Downtown Revitalization Incentive Program as part of the continuing collaborative effort of local authorities to rejuvenate the business community in downtown Brandon,” said Cullen. “Encouraging a healthy, vibrant downtown is vital to sustaining economic growth for Brandon and a stronger province for us all.”

Created by the Brandon Downtown Development Corporation, the Brandon Chamber of Commerce and the City of Brandon’s economic development department, the program aims to specifically address the unique concerns affecting the resurgence of the downtown business community. This includes downtown investment, main floor business incubation and a marketing strategy, Cullen noted.

“We want to continue driving downtown Brandon’s revitalization by identifying and encouraging investment and revitalization opportunities. Our city's downtown area has a critical and unique role in economic and social development,” said Emeka Egeson, executive director, Brandon Downtown Development Corporation. “It continues to create a critical mass where commercial, cultural, and civic activities are concentrated. This concentration facilitates business, learning, and cultural exchange.”

“The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce is so proud to recommend funding for and to be working with the Brandon Downtown Development Corporation and Brandon Chamber of Commerce in executing on this critical proposal, and to continue upholding a commitment to accelerating downtown revitalization,” said Chuck Davidson, president and CEO, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. “This fund will create and maintain jobs, support existing businesses and attract new businesses to support downtown growth.”

Recent economic indicators from Statistics Canada show Manitoba is the national leader in economic recovery, Cullen added.

The $400,000 investment is part of the province’s $50-million Pandemic Long-Term Recovery Fund, administered by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, which provides businesses and industries with support to invest in employees, expand and diversify operations and remain competitive in the global market.

The Brandon Downtown Revitalization Incentive Program will be administered by the Brandon Chamber of Commerce, and will be launched as an open call for grants.

For details about the grants, eligibility criteria, funding streams, application process, deadlines and more visit:

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