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November 14, 2022


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Investment will Enable Organization to Purchase its Building, Continue Providing Transitional Home for Newcomer Women who have Experienced Trauma: Squires

The Manitoba government is investing $500,000 in the Holy Names House of Peace Beyond Bricks Capital Campaign to help the organization purchase its building and continue to help women heal from past trauma, set goals and move forward together with dignity and hope, Families Minister Rochelle Squires, minister responsible for the status of women, announced today.

“Manitoba is known across the world as a welcoming place for newcomers. Part of being that welcoming place is providing newcomers with the supports they need to transition, especially if they have come from a place where they have experienced trauma and violence,” said Squires. “This investment will enable Holy Names House of Peace to purchase its current building and continue to provide a transitional home for traumatized women who are newcomers to Manitoba.”

Holy Names House of Peace is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2004 that provides a safe home and peaceful environment for newcomer women. Residents participate in programming that enhances self-confidence and interdependence, while promoting education and skills training. The overall objective is to build a sense of safety and community for those who have experienced trauma and violence. Since 2004, 166 immigrant and refugee women from 45 countries and 10 faith traditions have lived in the home and had the opportunity to build confidence, broaden experiences and develop skills before moving into the community.

“This funding to the House of Peace honours the endurance and courage of newcomer women facing overwhelming challenges. It ensures that their home empowers them to begin a new life that will be there for future generations,” said Sister Lesley Sacouman, executive co-ordinator, Holy Names House of Peace. “Such generosity births hope, thank you.”

The minister noted that women who visit Holy Names House of Peace have often been traumatized in their homelands from poverty, environmental crisis and war. Further isolation can occur in Canada because of abuse, cultural pressures or barriers accessing safe shelters in Winnipeg. Holy Names House of Peace also offers space to 12-step and domestic violence groups, and has 21 beds for newcomer women, who can stay for up to two years.

Holy Names House of Peace’s Beyond Bricks capital fundraising campaign was launched in November 2021 with a goal of raising $3.1 million to purchase the building where the house is currently located at 211 Edmonton St., Winnipeg.

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