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News Release - Manitoba

November 17, 2022

Manitoba Government Introduces Official Time Amendment Act

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Legislation Would Enable Shift to Permanent Daylight Saving Time: Clarke

The Manitoba government is proactively introducing the Official Time Amendment Act, which would allow the province to consider adopting permanent daylight saving time should neighbouring jurisdictions enact similar legislation and the majority of Manitobans support this change, Municipal Relations Minister Eileen Clarke announced today.

“The Official Time Amendment Act would allow our province to maintain a consistent time zone approach with the United States, if they also adopt year-round observance of daylight saving time,” said Clarke. “Maintaining a consistent time zone approach with our neighbours would ease business relations, trade, transportation of goods and travel.”

The United States is considering a shift to permanent daylight saving time. Other Canadian jurisdictions, including Ontario and British Columbia, are also proactively preparing to make the shift if the United States adopts year-round observance of daylight saving time.

Recognizing that many Manitobans have deeply held views on time change, the Manitoba government plans to engage with residents and stakeholders to hear how permanent daylight saving time would affect them. The engagement will help identify potential supports that could be implemented to facilitate a smoother transition, noted Clarke.

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