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January 9, 2023

Manitoba Government Collaborates on Agricultural Issues at North American Summit

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Advocacy Efforts for Manitoba's Agricultural Sector Continue: Johnson

From Jan. 6 to 8, Agriculture Minister Derek Johnson represented the Manitoba government at the Legislative Agriculture Chairs Summit, hosted by the State Agriculture and Rural Leaders group in Charleston, S.C., and collaborated with other state and provincial leaders on agricultural issues and trends experienced by other jurisdictions.

“I am pleased and energized by these discussions with my colleagues from across North America on issues facing the world of agriculture and to represent Manitoba’s agricultural sector internationally,” said Johnson. “Manitoba has many commonalities with other jurisdictions in the issues faced in modern agriculture, including food security and climate change. I am proud to have represented our province in these discussions and look forward to bringing solutions back to Manitoba.”

The Legislative Agriculture Chairs Summit is a non-partisan meeting for elected officials held to discuss agriculture and hear from speakers who share expertise in identifying problems and solutions. The annual event, first held in 2002, has been providing educational opportunities for state and provincial elected representatives with a focus on agriculture and rural communities, and how different jurisdictions can connect and collaborate on solutions to shared issues.

“Our government continues to advocate for Manitoba agricultural producers and industries, and has positioned our province as a world agriculture leader. Manitoba is always developing creative solutions to agricultural issues, which I was happy to showcase at the summit to my colleagues,” said Johnson.

Initiatives such as the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy, the Water Management Strategy and the review of the Agricultural Crown Lands Program demonstrate the Manitoba government’s focus on driving agricultural innovation and research forward, the minister noted.

“I look forward to bringing the results of our discussions at the summit home and using what we learned to drive new developments in the sector,” said Johnson.

More information on Manitoba Agriculture’s research and innovation efforts is available at

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