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January 18, 2023

Manitoba Government Invests in Downtown Community Safety Partnership to Employ At-Risk Area Residents

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Clean Slate Program will Help Marginalized Individuals Gain Employable Skills, Contribute to Community Safety and Beautification

The Manitoba government is providing $150,000 to the Downtown Community Safety Partnership (DCSP) to establish the Clean Slate program for at-risk community members, focused on cleaning and maintenance of downtown Winnipeg, Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced today.

“Our government is pleased to support the DCSP’s innovative Clean Slate program as it aims to provide training, skill development and employment for marginalized individuals including those reintegrating into the community from custody and others experiencing significant barriers to employment,” said Goertzen. “Participants will remain in the program for up to 12 months, after which DCSP will help connect them to longer-term employment opportunities, resulting in positive, long-term benefits for participants and their community.”

The DCSP represents a made-in-Winnipeg approach to creating a safer, more welcoming downtown through the availability of cohesive support and non-emergency response to those in the community in need of assistance. The DCSP is committed to being a proactive downtown presence, providing prevention and outreach focused on long-term solutions, and to delivering a continuum of care to help effect significant change for individuals and the entire downtown community, the minister noted.

Launched in July 2022, the vision for the Clean Slate program is to establish a sustainable social enterprise that will market cleaning and maintenance services to the surrounding businesses and residences in the Disraeli Freeway, Higgins Avenue and Main Street areas. The success of this program will be achieved through partnerships with other organizations including Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and N’Dinawemak.

“The DCSP wants to thank the Manitoba government for their continued support. The funding provided to date allowed for the development and launch of the Clean Slate program,” said Elizabeth Pilcher, senior operations director, DCSP. “The program’s mandate is to employ multi-barriered community members. The Clean Slate team is focused on providing litter cleanup and maintenance services in and around N’Dinawemak, located at 190 Disraeli. Our strong ties and partnership with N’Dinawemak made it an ideal location as the base of operations. The success of the program stems from focusing on the health, safety and well-being of each team member through a continuum of support. We are delighted that the supports and the employment opportunity provided to each team member has contributed to their successful reintegration into the community.”

The Clean Slate program will contribute to a cleaner, more welcoming downtown area for everyone, nurturing a shared feeling of safety and security in the neighbourhood, the minister said.

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