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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

March 1, 2023

Province Advises Manitoba Health Cards to Include Alphanumeric Characters

Manitoba Health advises the six-digit family registration number used on health cards will be changing to include one letter and five numbers going forward.

The purple Manitoba Health card entitles people to health benefits and services within the province and is presented when receiving care at facilities like medical clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. The card includes the six-digit family number as well as a nine-digit number for each individual.

Previously, the family number would be six numbers (e.g. 123456) but now one letter will be included (e.g. A12345). There will be no changes to nine-digit individual numbers. Using a mix of numbers and letters for new family registration numbers will ensure enough options are available for Manitoba’s growing population.

Manitoba Health has advised health-care providers and other sites where health cards are required so necessary system adjustments can be made.

In recent months, Manitoba Health has also worked to reduce processing times for people who need new or replacement health cards. The backlog created by the pandemic is now eliminated and most new application requests are handled within a four-week window.

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