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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

April 24, 2023

Flood Update #6

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Province Advises Red River to Peak between April 28 and May 2 South of Winnipeg

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre advises the Red River is expected to peak between April 28 and May 2 south of the Red River Floodway inlet and between April 28 and May 4 in Winnipeg.

The centre also reports that while most tributaries have already peaked or are near their peak within the province, flows and levels continue to rise or remain high in major rivers, including the Red, Assiniboine and Souris rivers as water from Saskatchewan and the United States arrives in Manitoba.

The centre is monitoring a forecasted weather system that could bring up to 15 millimetres of precipitation to central Saskatchewan and central and western Manitoba starting Wednesday and ending Thursday. The Interlake and Parkland regions, the Upper Assiniboine River basin, including areas in Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan River basin are expected to be affected by the system.

Up to 20 centimetres of snow still remains in western and southwestern Manitoba, including areas between Swan River and the Canada-U.S. border and areas along the Pembina River near the Turtle Mountains. Temperatures are forecasted to be above freezing in the coming days for most parts of Manitoba, which could create a fast melt and increased surface run-off that could cause overland flooding in these parts of the province.

Private well owners are reminded to test wells to determine if action is needed to improve water quality and address potentially harmful bacteria. Testing is recommended at least once a year, particularly after spring run-off and overland flooding recedes. For further details on water testing, visit

The Portage Diversion is now in operation to minimize the likelihood of ice jamming on the Assiniboine River east of Portage la Prairie and to control river levels in Winnipeg and areas along the Assiniboine River downstream of Portage la Prairie. Operation of the Red River Floodway is also underway to reduce water levels within Winnipeg.

The Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) continues to work with all local authorities and emergency management partners to provide guidance and support in response to the spring flood. This includes reviewing existing emergency plans, information sharing and preparing resources used in flood response. Additionally, Manitoba EMO continues to work with Indigenous Services Canada to support its response measures with First Nation communities.

As the melt continues, updated flood information will be posted at

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