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May 18, 2023

Manitoba Government Enters into Contract with Enriched Academy to Deliver Financial Literacy Pilot Program to Manitoba Students

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Financial Management, Literacy Skills Taught in Program Increasingly Relevant for Young Manitobans: Ewasko

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The Manitoba government is partnering with Enriched Academy to deliver a financial literacy pilot program to Manitoba students during the 2023-24 school year, Education and Early Childhood Learning Minister Wayne Ewasko announced today.

“Providing resources that support the acquisition of high school credits that address practical knowledge and skills that young people need for adult living is a key recommendation in the final report of the Manitoba Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education,” said Ewasko. “Financial management and literacy skills, which students will learn through this pilot program, are increasingly relevant skills for young Manitobans to have in these times of uncertain interest rates, inflation and supply chain issues.”

The Manitoba government will enter into a contract with Enriched Academy, a Canadian organization whose mission is to make financial freedom accessible to everyone, the minister noted, adding that the academy’s pilot program will teach financial literacy to 1,500 students in the 2023-24 school year.

“We are very grateful that the Manitoba government recognizes that financial literacy is a critical educational need for students,” said Kevin McCarthy, head of corporations and institutions, Enriched Academy. “We are excited to build on our experience working with hundreds of thousands of students and teachers across Canada to provide our engaging and inspiring financial literacy program and resources to students and teachers in Manitoba.”

While some financial literacy topics are addressed in other classes, courses dedicated to financial literacy are currently optional in the senior years of K to 12 education in Manitoba, the minister noted.

“Financial literacy is one of the most important skills that students develop through high school. With money being one of the top stressors in a person’s life, providing students with the opportunity to learn and strengthen their understanding of money, finances, and factors affecting financial well-being will allow them to have the knowledge to make the best (financial) decision for themselves,” said Angela Kaisser, teacher, Louis Riel School Division. “Enriched Academy provides a multi-faceted learning platform that can be incorporated into curriculum in a variety of ways and allows students to learn at their own pace, providing a springboard for classroom discussions, activities and inquiry. It provides the most current Canadian content and is a road map that sets students on their successful personal finance journey.”

Enriched Academy partners with some of the largest organizations in Canada, including provincial governments, businesses, unions, high schools, police associations, colleges and universities to offer unbiased financial training through online courses, personal coaching and live events. Its programs have helped more than 350,000 Canadian students learn about money.

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