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June 7, 2023

Manitoba Government Accepting Applications for $12.6-Million Seniors Hearing Aid Program

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Program Created as a Result of Provincial Seniors Strategy: Johnston

The Manitoba government is now accepting applications for the new $12.6-million hearing aid program that will provide funding assistance to eligible Manitoba seniors who need hearing aids, Seniors and Long-term Care Minister Scott Johnston announced today.

“Untreated hearing loss is linked with social isolation, difficulty communicating, increased risk of falls, cognitive decline and dementia,” said Johnston. “Hearing aids provide valuable benefits to improve quality of life, and this program will ensure more Manitoba seniors have the financial means to access them.”

The Manitoba Seniors Hearing Aid Program is open to individuals aged 65 or older with a net household income under $80,000. Approved applicants can receive up to $2,000 for hearing aids, including fitting costs.

To apply for the grant, individuals must submit:

  • a program application form;
  • a “Proof of Income” statement from the Canada Revenue Agency; and
  • a prescription or audiogram from a certified hearing aid dealer licensed in Manitoba.

Individuals must receive an approval letter before purchasing hearing aids, noted the minister.

“Our government developed Manitoba, A Great Place to Age: Provincial Seniors Strategy as a strong foundation for improved seniors care,” said Johnston. “This new program aligns with its strategic priorities to enhance financial security for Manitoba seniors and create safe, inclusive, accessible communities with convenient, affordable access to comprehensive services and supports.”

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