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July 17, 2023

Manitoba Government Increases Funding For Municipalities for Public Safety across Manitoba

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New $13.7 million in Funding will Help Cover Rising Policing Costs Due to Increased Crime and Inflation: Goertzen

As part of its multi-faceted approach to ensure the safety of all Manitobans, the Manitoba government is increasing funding for the public safety basket and urban policing grant to support increasing municipal policing costs and better support the work of law enforcement across the province, Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced today.

“Police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect Manitobans, keep our communities safe and enforce the law,” said Goertzen. “They have our government’s unwavering support, and we are proud to have their back and give them the resources they need to carry out the critical work keeping us all safe.”

The Manitoba government is committing an additional $13.7 million, for a total of $55.8 million, to support increasing municipal policing costs, said the minister, noting the increased costs are due to both rising rates of crime and inflationary pressures. The additional investment reflects a revised per capita calculation aligned with 2021 census data as well as an overall 28 per cent funding increase. In Ste. Anne, public safety funding will increase to $416,040 from $237,674, an increase of $178,366.

“Public safety is at the utmost of importance to our community and this announcement will help us provide consistent support and safety,” said Mayor Yvan St. Vincent, Town of Ste. Anne. “Thanks to the partnership with the Manitoba government, we are better positioned to do that now and moving forward.” 

“The increased operating grant for the Town of Sainte-Anne Police Service is a game-changer for our department. This increased funding will empower us to expand our policing capabilities, implement innovative strategies, and strengthen partnerships within the community,” said Chief Marc Robichaud, Sainte-Anne Police Service. “It will enable us to proactively address public safety concerns, respond effectively to incidents, and ensure the highest level of service to our residents. We extend our deepest gratitude to the justice minister and the Manitoba government for their generous support.”

The policing portion of municipal operating basket funding was transferred to the Department of Justice in 2018-19 as the public safety basket, to allow for better alignment of provincial policy on expected outcomes and oversight of policing across the province. The public safety basket includes the Urban Policing Grant, which is provided to municipalities required by the Police Services Act to provide their own policing, as well as additional grants to the Brandon Police Service and the Winnipeg Police Service to directly support officer positions.

“By significantly increasing public safety basket funding, municipalities will be better equipped to help safeguard local communities as well as more effectively respond to situations that pose a threat to public safety,” said Kam Blight, president, Association of Manitoba Municipalities. “We commend the Manitoba government for listening and acting on the concerns raised by our organization and members about the importance of investing in public safety initiatives to help protect our communities and build a stronger and safer Manitoba.”

The minister noted the investment builds on other recent initiatives to support the police and address escalating rates of violent crime.

Budget 2023 committed $52 million to the Manitoba Violent Crime Strategy, the government’s comprehensive approach to create a safer environment for all Manitobans.

Additional initiatives increased supports for front-line law enforcement officers through investments in technology, specialized training, enhanced police presence and support for more officers, added Goertzen.

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