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August 2, 2023

Manitoba Government Investing in Habitat Conservation in Winnipeg Area

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$1.5-Million Grant for Manitoba Habitat and Heritage Corporation to Preserve Green Space: Klein

The Manitoba government is providing a grant of $1.5 million to the Manitoba Habitat and Heritage Corporation (MHHC) to help preserve natural infrastructure in the Winnipeg area, Environment and Climate Minister Kevin Klein announced today.

“This new Manitoba government funding will support the protection of our precious forests, green spaces and natural environment now, and for future generations,” said Klein. “Converting spaces into conservation areas or parks shows our government’s commitment to enhancing community well-being and preserving natural assets and infrastructure for the long-term environmental sustainability of our great province.”

The funding will be used to preserve natural habitat in the Winnipeg area and build on the Manitoba government’s decades of successful partnership with MHHC to advance conservation objectives across Manitoba, the minister noted. This includes the Manitoba government’s investment of $204 million in the GROW and Conservation trusts, administered by MHHC.

A one-time, $1.5-million grant will be provided to MHHC as part of an initiative to acquire privately owned land with unique natural ecosystems and habitats in the Winnipeg area to ensure green spaces are preserved for generations to come. MHHC works in partnership with landowners and the Manitoba government to maintain and enhance natural spaces for the benefit of all Manitobans.

“Through this support, MHHC will be able to build on more than 30 years of conservation work across rural Manitoba, and have a meaningful conservation impact right here in our capital city,” said Stephen Carlyle, chief executive officer, MHHC. “Natural areas within the urban landscape provide amazing spaces for communities to gather and recharge in a natural setting, as well as protect important wildlife corridors. Initiatives and funding like this puts the MHHC vision, ‘Manitoba Landscapes – Alive with people and nature,’ into action.”

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