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News Release - Manitoba

November 1, 2023

Statement from Families Minister Nahanni Fontaine, Minister Responsible for Gender Equity, on Domestic Violence Awareness Month

November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Manitoba. Domestic violence can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. It thrives in threats, demands silence and shames our sense of self, ensuring we do not try to leave.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month shines a light on this critical issue in talking about how and why it happens, and highlighting the work being done to address it. More importantly, Domestic Violence Awareness Month is about letting Manitobans experiencing domestic violence know they are not alone and that supports are available to help them get out safe.

Manitoba has some of the highest rates of domestic violence and intimate partner violence of any province. We know domestic violence disproportionally affects Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit peoples, racialized women, and people living in rural and remote locations. Intersectionality plays a critical role in understanding and responding to domestic violence in Manitoba.

Our government is committed to effecting real and transformative change to address this critical issue. We will appoint a special adviser on Indigenous women’s issues to ensure the voices of Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit peoples are central in our work to address gender-based violence. We will improve access to forensic nursing services across the province to ensure people in rural and northern communities can access responsive and compassionate care. And, we will ensure our work in Manitoba to implement the National Action Plan to End Gender-based Violence prioritizes the protection of Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit peoples through community-led solutions.

As minister responsible for gender equity, I am dedicated to eradicating domestic violence and standing with those on the front lines of this critical work, ensuring Manitobans are safe. We will work together with community organizations, service providers and advocates to find innovative solutions to help put an end to domestic violence in Manitoba.

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