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News Release - Manitoba

March 27, 2024

Manitoba Government Restores 1:1 Apprenticeship Ratio to Keep Workers Safe

The Manitoba government is restoring the apprenticeship ratio to 1:1, a move that will increase safety and proper training for Manitobans in the trades, Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources Minister Jamie Moses announced today. 

“We are proud to restore the 1:1 apprenticeship ratio,” said Moses. “High-quality training, with the highest possible safety standards, is good for industry, good for our province and it means more Manitobans coming home safely at the end of a shift.” 

The previous government removed the 1:1 ratio requirement, which had been in place for many years. The ratio was in response to the 1999 death of Michael Skanderberg, who was killed on the job while working unsupervised. 

“Premier Kinew promised our family he would restore the 1:1 ratio and we’re delighted that he has kept this promise,” said Cindy Skanderberg, Michael’s mother. “Our family vowed there would never be another story like Michael’s and when the 1:1 ratio was removed we fought to keep working people safe. It feels good to know Premier Kinew’s government values the lives of workers.” 

"For someone training to be an electrician, proper supervision can be a matter of life and death,” said Dave McPhail, business manager, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 2085. “It is a breath of fresh air to have a government that has the courage to listen to workers. Moving back to 1:1 will help keep all electricians safe and we are grateful."  

“Apprenticeship is the training program, Red Seal is the career,” said Tanya Palson, executive director, Manitoba Building Trades. "We know the current apprenticeship program is overwhelmed, and we owe it to Manitobans to make sure that when they enter the training program, they are supported to completion. We've seen jurisdictions like Ontario under the Ford government move to a 1:1 ratio recently and that's because it's the fiscally responsible thing to do, it's the right thing to do, and the industry will be better served long-term for having done it.” 

The apprenticeship ratio is established in the Apprenticeship and Certification – General Regulation for all apprenticeship trades in Manitoba. In addition, there is a trade-specific regulation for each of the 55 trades. The Manitoba government will target regulation changes and implementation, in consultation with the Apprenticeship and Certification Board, noted the minister. Special considerations will be given for required circumstances, like those in northern and rural Manitoba, added Moses.

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