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News Release - Manitoba

April 23, 2024

Manitoba Government Funding 40 New Firefighters in Waverley West

The Manitoba government has provided $3.4 million in 2024 to the City of Winnipeg to advance on the government’s commitment to support the addition of 40 new firefighters for a new fire station in Waverley West, Premier Wab Kinew and Municipal and Northern Relations Minister Ian Bushie announced today. 

“Waverley is a growing community and as more and more families choose to make their home here, we’re investing in the front-line services they need,” said Kinew. “Whether you’re having a medical emergency or dealing with the devastation of a house fire, you should be confident that there will be a fire paramedic near you who can get you and your family help when you need it.” 

The City of Winnipeg is currently constructing a temporary firehall that will be repurposed when a new permanent firehall is completed in Waverley West. This initial grant of $3.4 million to the City of Winnipeg is allocated toward 40 new firefighters for the new fire station in Waverley West. 

“It’s a question of safety for the community, as well as for first responders,” said Bushie. “Ensuring proper emergency services will be valuable to first responders across the system. Staffing the Waverley fire hall will ensure families in southwest Winnipeg and the surrounding communities have the timely emergency services they deserve. Our government is pleased that this endeavour will now allow the city to expedite the hiring of these much-needed resources for Waverley.” 

The city anticipates completing the construction of the new permanent fire hall in Waverley West in 2026. Initial estimates for the cost of these positions are projected to be $14.2 million over a four-year period. 

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