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July 10, 2024

Manitoba Government Upgrading Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie Highway

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Upgrades will Help Grow Economy: Bushie

The Manitoba government is investing $3 million to upgrade Road 41W in the Rural Municipality (RM) of Portage la Prairie, an important trade and commerce route that will support the movement of goods interprovincially and across the province, Municipal and Northern Relations Minister Ian Bushie announced today. 

“This upgrade is going to make it easier to ship goods through the RM of Portage la Prairie, helping to grow our economy,” said Bushie. “Unlike the previous government, who froze funding to municipalities, we’re building Manitoba and creating more good jobs. In Portage, we’re making this stretch of highway more reliable for people and supporting businesses in the area by reducing the number of trips they need to take.” 

Upgrading Road 41W will create more options for transport companies thanks to the increased weight limit, while also making sure that the highway is built to support that traffic, improving the quality of the road for all drivers. Fewer trips to transport goods not only supports business, it also reduces emissions, the minister noted. 

“We are very thankful for the provincial funding provided through the Municipal Economic Development Infrastructure Program which will significantly assist with infrastructure improvements required to bolster continued economic growth in the Poplar Bluff Industrial Park and across Manitoba,” said Reeve Kam Blight, RM of Portage la Prairie. “The proposed improvements to the roadway, Trans-Canada Highway intersection and at-grade railway crossing will promote the safe and efficient transportation of goods and workers in the area. Without the Manitoba government support, through programs like this, rural areas would not be able to attract large industries like Simplot, Roquette, McCain’s and hopefully in the near future Azure Sustainable Fuels Corp.” 

This upgrade is part of the proposed upgrades to the provincial highway network to expand the network of trade and commerce routes built to support Road and Transportation Association of Canada (RTAC) loading, a classification based on a national standard for highway truck weights. RTAC is Manitoba’s heaviest regulated loading classification. 

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